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[audio]Christian Haro @ 127 Bpm Day Session - Christian Haro
TRACKLIST: - Gorge "Nykota" (Original Mix) - Onur Ozer "Eclipse" (Loco Dice Remix) - Peace Division "Gotta Have You" (Rozzo Mix) - Shades Of Gray "Moog In The House" (Original Mix) - Shonky "Coco Feel And Love Shonk" (Original Mix) - Gorge "Kassiandre" (Marc romboy Remix) - Spartaque "Fobia" (Piatto Remix) - Paul Brtschitsch "The Dentex" (Original Mix) - Andy 1956 feat Mikael "Wutruba" (DeepMix) - Hobo "Failsafe" (Original Mix) - Giash & Til Yali "My Little Lady Birds" (Remix) - SIS "Marcha Oscu...
Keywords: session; live; minimal; techhouse; techno; groove; electronic
Downloads: 190
[audio]Testimonios traders international Audio - J Haro
Testimonios de Traders International España- Apasionados de la Bolsa.
Keywords: traders international miembros testimonios bolsa
Downloads: 17
[audio]Radio Patrimonio - agustin haro
Agustín Haro te trae toda la música del mundo.
Keywords: world music; música del mundo; podcast
Downloads: 22
[audio]Christian Haro_ Electro Syntphony - Christian Haro
Good Music ;)
Keywords: music; electronic; electro; syntphony; mp3
Downloads: 44
[audio]Christian Haro_ Just (Original Mix) - Christian Haro
Electronic Music
Keywords: Dance; techno; progressive; music
Downloads: 45 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Christian Haro @ Live (28-03-09) - Christian Haro
Blasmanjazz "Frankestein" (Christian Haro RMX) Christian Haro "Neumotorax" (Original Mix) Christian Haro "Just" Chris Castelli "Sonorous Routine" (DreamWorks Mix) Christian Haro "I Like The Groove" (Original Mix) Christian Haro " Sunday" (Original Mix) Chris Castelli "Untitled" (Sensual Mix) Nacho Sotomayor "I Believe" (Christian Haro RMX) Journe "Gold Basic" (Chris Castelli RMX) Chris Castelli "Sa Dansezi (LoveNation Mix) Christian Haro "In The World Of My Dreams" (Original Mix) Christian Haro ...
Keywords: live; techno; electronic; music; dance; dj
Downloads: 42
[texts]Topics in Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space - Jaume Haro
In these lectures we consider some topics of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space. In the first one particle creation in curved space is studied from a mathematical point of view, especially, particle production at a given time using the so called "instantaneous diagonalization method". Particle production by strong electromagnetic fields (Schwinger's effect) and particle production by moving mirrors simulating black hole collapse are also studied...
Downloads: 1
[audio]Atomo - Christian Haro
Great Electronic Music
Keywords: minimal; house; techno
Downloads: 254
[audio]Christian Haro_ Electrik Yourself - Christian Haro
Electronic Music
Keywords: Techno; House; Dance
Downloads: 19
[texts]The Klein-Gordon's field. A counter-example of the classical limit - Jaume Haro
We will study the Klein-Gordon's field with an homogeneous external potential, which does not depend on $\h$. We will construct the Fock's space corresponding to our problem and we will see that there are phenomena of creation and anihilation of pairs particle-antiparticle. Finally, we will see that in dimension 1, when $\h\to 0$, these phenomena disappear. However, in dimension 2 or 3, when $\h\to 0$, the creation probability of particle-antiparticle pairs is not zero.
Downloads: 1
[audio]Christian Haro @ Remember This (Old Music Mix) - Christian Haro
Meeting of old music, for the lovers of this type musical genre. Do you remember ??
Keywords: remember; session; old; 80; 90; dance; techno; dj; mix
Downloads: 82
[audio]Christian Haro (Mix Session) - Christian Haro
Mixed session live in Madrid (Spain) for Christian Haro.
Keywords: house; techno; progressive; dance; dj; session; mixed
Downloads: 41
[audio]early works_8991 - Jorge Haro
Jorge Haro's early works from 1989 to 1991, remastered for an online ep on exp_net
Keywords: espacio sonoro - soundscape - ambient
Downloads: 3,645
[texts]Las doctoras : comedia en tres actos, en prosa (Volume v. 256, no. 5) - Haro, Eduardo
No. 5, in vol. 256 with binder's title: Teatro Español : serie A
Downloads: 101
[texts]Chern-Simons Theory, 2d Yang-Mills, and Lie Algebra Wanderers - Sebastian de Haro
We work out the relation between Chern-Simons, 2d Yang-Mills on the cylinder, and Brownian motion. We show that for the unitary, orthogonal and symplectic groups, various observables in Chern-Simons theory on S^3 and lens spaces are exactly given by counting the number of paths of a Brownian particle wandering in the fundamental Weyl chamber of the corresponding Lie algebra. We construct a fermionic formulation of Chern-Simons on $S^3$ which allows us to identify the Brownian particles as B-mode...
Downloads: 3
Downloads: 13
[texts]La verità repudiata componimento drammatico, musicale del dottor, signor D. Tomaso Sanchez de Haro; nobile patritio siracusano, e messinese. Dedicato allillustrissimo, ... D. Gio. Antonio Capobianco vescouo della fidelissima città di Siracusa - Tommaso Sanchez de Haro

Keywords: bub_upload
[texts]A Note on Knot Invariants and q-Deformed 2d Yang-Mills - Sebastian de Haro
We compute expectation values of Wilson loops in q-deformed 2d Yang-Mills on a Riemann surface and show that they give invariants of knots in 3-manifolds which are circle bundles over the Riemann surface. The areas of the loops play an essential role in encoding topological information about the extra dimension, and they are quantized to integer or half integer values.
[movies]Pa (Antonio Puentes) at Dee Holderfield's House - Maria Haro Video Productions
Pa (Antonio Puentes) at Dee Holderfield's House in the late 60's or early 70's
Keywords: pa; ma
Downloads: 113
[texts]Chern-Simons Theory in Lens Spaces from 2d Yang-Mills on the Cylinder - Sebastian de Haro
We use the relation between 2d Yang-Mills and Brownian motion to show that 2d Yang-Mills on the cylinder is related to Chern-Simons theory in a class of lens spaces. Alternatively, this can be regarded as 2dYM computing certain correlators in conformal field theory. We find that the partition function of 2dYM reduces to an operator of the type U=ST^pS in Chern-Simons theory for specific values of the YM coupling but finite k and N...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Principle - Sebastian de Haro
In this thesis we study two different approaches to holography, and comment on the possible relation between them. The first approach is an analysis of the high-energy regime of quantum gravity in the eikonal approximation, where the theory reduces to a topological field theory. This is the regime where particles interact at high energies but with small momentum transfer. We do this for the cases of asymptotically dS and AdS geometries and find that in both cases the theory is topological...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Hamiltonian approach to the dynamical Casimir effect - Jaume Haro
A Hamiltonian approach is introduced in order to address some severe problems associated with the physical description of the dynamical Casimir effect at all times. For simplicity, the case of a neutral scalar field in a one-dimensional cavity with partially transmitting mirrors (an essential proviso) is considered, but the method can be extended to fields of any kind and higher dimensions. The motional force calculated in our approach contains a reactive term --proportional to the mirrors' acce...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Dynamical Casimir Effect and the Black Body Spectrum - Jaume Haro
Creation of scalar massless particles in two-dimensional Minkowski space-time--as predicted by the dynamical Casimir effect--is studied for the case of a semitransparent mirror initially at rest, then accelerating for some finite time, along a specified trajectory, and finally moving with constant velocity. When the reflection and transmission coefficients are those in the model proposed by Barton, Calogeracos, and Nicolaevici [$r(w)=-i\alpha/(\w+i\alpha)$ and $s(w)=\w/(\w+i\alpha)$, with $\alph...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Minimal Convex Decompositions - Mario Lomeli-Haro
Let $P$ be a set of $n$ points on the plane in general position. We say that a set $\Gamma$ of convex polygons with vertices in $P$ is a convex decomposition of $P$ if: Union of all elements in $\Gamma$ is the convex hull of $P,$ every element in $\Gamma$ is empty, and for any two different elements of $\Gamma$ their interiors are disjoint. A minimal convex decomposition of $P$ is a convex decomposition $\Gamma'$ such that for any two adjacent elements in $\Gamma'$ its union is a non convex poly...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Future singularity avoidance in phantom dark energy models - Jaume de Haro
Different approaches to quantum cosmology are studied in order to deal with the future singularity avoidance problem. Our results show that these future singularities will persist but could take different forms. As an example we have studied the big rip which appear when one considers the state equation $P=\omega\rho$ with $\omega
Downloads: 4
[texts]Physically Sound Hamiltonian Formulation of the Dynamical Casimir Effect - Jaume Haro
Recently [J. Haro and E. Elizalde, Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 97}, 130401 (2006)], a Hamiltonian formulation has been introduced in order to address some longstanding severe problems associated with the physical description of the dynamical Casimir effect at all times while the mirrors are moving. Here we present the complete calculation providing precise details, in particular, of the regularization procedure, which is decisive for the correct derivation of physically meaningful quantities...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Dual Gravitons in AdS4/CFT3 and the Holographic Cotton Tensor - Sebastian de Haro
We argue that gravity theories in AdS4 are holographically dual to either of two three-dimensional CFT's: the usual Dirichlet CFT1 where the fixed graviton acts as a source for the stress-energy tensor, and a dual CFT2 with a fixed dual graviton which acts as a source for a dual stress-energy tensor. The dual stress-energy tensor is shown to be the Cotton tensor of the Dirichlet CFT. The two CFT's are related by a Legendre transformation generated by a gravitational Chern-Simons coupling...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Strange Nonchaotic Attractors in Harper Maps - Alex Haro
We study the existence of Strange Nonchaotic Attractors (SNA) in the family of Harper maps, proving that they are typical but not robust in this family. Our approach is based on the theory of linear skewproducts and the spectral theory of Schrodinger operators.
Downloads: 5
[texts]De l'authenticité des fresques de Raphaël provenant de la Magliana et de leur acquisition - Haro, Étienne François

Keywords: Raphael, 1483-1520; Frescoes of the Magliana
Downloads: 71
[texts]El brillante negro : episidio en medio acto, en prosa - Aznar, Joaquín

Downloads: 176
[texts]Hià que tindre caràcter : ensayo de sainet en un acte y en prosa (Volume v. 256, no. 9) - Haro López, Manuel
No. 9, in vol. 256 with binder's title: Teatro Español : serie A
Downloads: 57
[texts]Does loop quantum cosmology replace the big rip singularity by a non-singular bounce? - Jaume de Haro
It is stated that holonomy corrections in loop quantum cosmology introduce a modification in Friedmann's equation which prevent the big rip singularity. Recently in \cite{h12} it has been proved that this modified Friedmann equation is obtained in an inconsistent way, what means that the results deduced from it, in particular the big rip singularity avoidance, are not justified. The problem is that holonomy corrections modify the gravitational part of the Hamiltonian of the system leading, after...
Downloads: 4
[texts]En busca del novio : choquet còmic, bilingüe, en un acte y en prosa, tret a bolea y restat a calbot (Volume v. 256, no. 8) - Haro López, Manuel
On cover: Sosietat de Autors Españols
Downloads: 49
[texts]Prospeción mirmecológica por el litoral mediterráneo de Marrucecos (Cabo Negro, Martil, Oued Lau) y su comparación con la zona meridional ibérica. - de Haro, A.
Url: http://antbase.org/ants/publications/21100/21100.pdf
Keywords: ants; article
Downloads: 484
[texts]Mi querido amigo : juguete cómico en dos actos, el segundo dividido en dos cuadros, en prosa - Aznar, Joaquín

Downloads: 286
[texts]Tradiciones y leyendas de Puebla: Escritas en verse - Eduardo Gómez Haro
Book digitized by Google from the library of University of Texas and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Downloads: 106
[texts]Cataglyphis douwesi sp. nov. del grupo albicans de color negro de Cádiz, en la costa suratlántica de la Penísula Ibérica (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). - de Haro, A.
Click to return to Ant Texts collection page. Url: http://research.amnh.org/entomology/social_insects/ants/publications/8542/8542.pdf
Keywords: ants; article
Downloads: 348
[texts]Cataglyphis gadeai sp. nov. (Hym. Formicidae), del grupo albicans de color negro del Cabo de Gata (Almería), SE de España. - de Haro, A.
Url: http://antbase.org/ants/publications/20299/20299.pdf
Keywords: ants; article
Downloads: 281
[texts]El marido ideal : juguete cómico en tres actos y en prosa (Volume v. 256, no. 6) - Haro, Eduardo
Imprint on cover: Madrid : Sociedad de Autores Españoles, 1917
Downloads: 80
[texts]Non-Commutative Black Hole Algebra and String Theory from Gravity - S. de Haro
We generalize the action found by 't Hooft, which describes the gravitational interaction between ingoing and outgoing particles in the neighbourhood of a black hole. The effect of this back-reaction is that of a shock wave, and it provides a mechanism for recovering information about the momentum of the incoming particles. The new action also describes particles with transverse momenta and takes into account the transverse curvature of the hole, and has the form of a string theory action...
Downloads: 2
[texts]La Gran Estafa del calentamiento global - Angel Contreras de Haro
Todas las mentiras que rodean a la teoría del cambio climático provocado por el hombre
Keywords: calentamiento; global
Downloads: 925
[texts]Planckian Scattering and Black Holes - Sebastian de Haro
Recently, 't Hooft's S-matrix for black hole evaporation, obtained from the gravitational interactions between the in-falling particles and Hawking radiation, has been generalised to include transverse effects. The action describing the collision turned out to be a string theory action with an antisymmetric tensor background. In this article we show that the model reproduces both the correct longitudinal and transverse dynamics, even when one goes beyond the eikonal approximation or particles co...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Effective gravity formulation that avoids singularities in quantum FRW cosmologies - Jaume Haro
Assuming that time exists, a new, effective formulation of gravity is introduced, which lies in between the Wheeler-DeWitt approach and ordinary QFT. Remarkably, the Penrose-Hawking singularity of usual Friedman-Robertson-Walker cosmologies is naturally avoided there. The theory is made explicit via specific examples, and compared with loop quantum cosmology. It is argued that it is the regularization of the classical Hamiltonian performed in this last theory what avoid the singularity, rather t...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Black hole collapse simulated by vacuum fluctuations with a moving semi-transparent mirror - Jaume Haro
Creation of scalar massless particles in two-dimensional Minkowski space-time--as predicted by the dynamical Casimir effect--is studied for the case of a semitransparent mirror initially at rest, then accelerating for some finite time, along a trajectory that simulates a black hole collapse (defined by Walker, and Carlitz and Willey), and finally moving with constant velocity. When the reflection and transmission coefficients are those in the model proposed by Barton, Calogeracos, and Nicolaevic...
Downloads: 5
[audio]Audio Entrevista al creador de Ikea - Juan Haro - www.juanharo.com
Entrevista Ingvard Kamprad
Keywords: audio emprendedor exito modelado empresario ikea
Downloads: 265
[texts]Newsletter Actitud La Escuela de Inversion.com - Juan Haro y Vicens Castellano
Nuevo Newsletter
Keywords: actitud newsletter escuela inversion
Downloads: 179
[texts]Non-singular models of universes in teleparallel theories - Jaume de Haro
Different models of universes are considered in the context of teleparallel theories. Assuming that the universe is filled by a fluid with equation of state (EoS) $P=-\rho-f(\rho)$, for different teleparallel theories and different EoS we study its dynamics. Two particular cases are studied in detail: in the first one we consider a function $f$ with two zeros (two de Sitter solutions) that mimics a huge cosmological constant at early times and a pressureless fluid at late times...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Electric-magnetic Duality and Deformations of Three-Dimensional CFT's - Sebastian de Haro
SL(2,Z) duality transformations in asymptotically AdS4 x S^7 act non-trivially on the three-dimensional SCFT of coincident M2-branes on the boundary. We show how S-duality acts away from the IR fixed point. We develop a systematic method to holographically obtain the deformations of the boundary CFT and show how electric-magnetic duality relates different deformations. We analyze in detail marginal deformations and deformations by dimension 4 operators...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Discrete and oscillatory Matrix Models in Chern-Simons theory - Sebastian de Haro
We derive discrete and oscillatory Chern-Simons matrix models. The method is based on fundamental properties of the associated orthogonal polynomials. As an application, we show that the discrete model allows to prove and extend the recently found relationship between Chern-Simons theory and q-deformed 2dYM. In addition, the equivalence of the Chern-Simons matrix models gives a complementary view on the equivalence of effective superpotentials in N=1 gauge theories.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Chern-Simons theory and the quantum Racah formula - Sebastian de Haro
We generalize several results on Chern-Simons models on Sigma x S1 in the so-called "torus gauge" which were obtained in arXiv:math-ph/0507040 to the case of general (simply-connected simple compact) structure groups and general link colorings. In particular, we give a non-perturbative evaluation of the Wilson loop observables corresponding to a special class of simple but non-trivial links and show that their values are given by Turaev's shadow invariant...
Downloads: 3
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